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Category: HR Support Advanced

Staff handbooks

As part of ongoing collaboration with Clockwork, a five-strong manufacturer and retailer of furniture called on the team to produce high-quality staff handbooks. Unlike previous handbooks, the newly produced literature featured a far greater level of detail in areas like terms & conditions and company policies – an improvement which left the firm’s staff knowing exactly where they stood in relation to these important issues.

Legal Compliance

A well-established Leeds building merchant with 25 staff needed services to keep them running smoothly, maintain legal compliance and protect the business in the face of grievance and disciplinary issues. Clockwork drew up official contracts and job descriptions for the company to use going forward, standardising the paperwork, simplifying the administration process and adding professionalism to the way the company operated.

On-going Support

A 70-strong company specialising in elderly homecare needed a package including contracts, handbooks and on-going support with a range of employment-related issues. Clockwork produced all documentation and provide telephone and email support since. We also worked with the client to deliver a series of training workshops that now help managers deal quickly and effectively with future issues in accordance with current employment law.