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Enterprise HR Package

Synergy Car Leasing & Clockwork HR Longstanding Collaboration

Synergy Car Leasing achieves nationwide success with effective human resourcesSynergy Car Leasing was founded in 2006 to deliver an excellent leasing experience, and they continue to achieve this to this day, keeping their clients at the heart of their business. Synergy is also the Fastest Growing Leasing Broker in its class 2019-20, as awarded by […]

Future Planning

A five-strong financial services firm needed proactive help with a range of HR and recruitment issues.

Firstly, Clockwork helped the firm’s practice manager write accurate and professionally presented job descriptions as well as developing an efficient and effective recruitment process to take the business forward. Then, Clockwork collaborated with the team to devise a modern and workable appraisal system that complemented and supported the firm’s own vision for itself.

Redundancy Report

When a security appliance distributor reluctantly needed to make redundancies, the company was determined to support those whose contracts were terminated and help them to find future employment.

Clockwork were asked to create and deliver a programme of workshops designed to help staff members update their CVs, write effective covering letters and improve their interview techniques.

Appraisal Training

A prestigious northern university invited Clockwork to provide a consultancy service delivering vital appraisal training.

As well as using effective and engaging role-play techniques to help deliver the training itself, Clockwork also facilitated additional workshops dealing with giving and receiving feedback. Competencies covered by Clockwork’s training package for the university included teamwork, customer service and decision making.

Staff handbooks

As part of ongoing collaboration with Clockwork, a five-strong manufacturer and retailer of furniture called on the team to produce high-quality staff handbooks.

Unlike previous handbooks, the newly produced literature featured a far greater level of detail in areas like terms & conditions and company policies – an improvement which left the firm’s staff knowing exactly where they stood in relation to these important issues.

Legal Compliance

A well-established Leeds building merchant with 25 staff needed services to keep them running smoothly, maintain legal compliance and protect the business in the face of grievance and disciplinary issues.

Clockwork drew up official contracts and job descriptions for the company to use going forward, standardising the paperwork, simplifying the administration process and adding professionalism to the way the company operated.

On-going Support

A 70-strong company specialising in elderly homecare needed a package including contracts, handbooks and on-going support with a range of employment-related issues.

Clockwork produced all documentation and provide telephone and email support since. We also worked with the client to deliver a series of training workshops that now help managers deal quickly and effectively with future issues in accordance with current employment law.

Handling Redundancy

When a northern commercial developer needed to make two employees redundant, they contacted Clockwork for advice on how to carry out the procedure efficiently, fairly and in line with legal requirements.

Although lots of general information on redundancy was available from a variety of sources, Clockwork was able to provide a highly personalised service shaped around the specific circumstances of this particular case.

Staff contracts

When a local restaurant needed staff contracts updating, the restaurant’s new manager enlisted the help of Clockwork.

The team at Clockwork conducted a thorough review and update of existing contracts as well as drawing up new job descriptions to cover some recently created positions within the restaurant business.

Taking on staff

After two years in business, a Yorkshire-based computer repair specialist wanted to take on his first member of staff to help with an expanding workload resulting from the growth of his business. For a one-off fee Clockwork visited the sole trader and explained the ins and outs of employing someone, with a focus on the business owner’s legal responsibilities.